Friday, August 13, 2010

100 Day Burpee Challenge...who's with me?!

This morning while I was checking my Twitter feed, I came across a tweet from my tweep, Lisa. She and her tweep, Heidi are starting a 100 day burpee challenge this Sunday and were looking for people to join them! I jumped on it right away - this is exactly the kind of challenge I need to help me reach my goals of becoming mentally tougher and better at things that suck. And, believe me burpees suuuuuck.

So, here it is (drumroll) ...the 100 Day Burpee Challenge!

100 days, a shit ton of burpees (actually 5,050), a . Who's with me? Before you tell me I'm nuts, consider this: could you be faster, stronger, and mentally tougher? I know I can be! What better way to train ourselves to push through the "suck" in life than to take on burpees...lots of them...daily?!

We are going to do one burpee on day one (August 15th) and add one each day until we get to 100 burpees on the 100th day (November 22nd). Heidi will document this challenge on her blog ( and post the benchmark videos of all participants. Check it out here

The Rules:
  1. Use Burgener's burpee standards for form - or - the standards as set by your CrossFit affiliate
  2. You can complete each day's burpees all at once, or broken up and done at different times throughout the day
  3. If for some reason you miss a day, you have to make up all the missed burpees the following day
  4. If you don't start the challenge with us today, you can "buy-in" at any time by doing ALL the missed day's burpees on your first day
  5. Any burpees you complete during your regular workout can count towards that day’s Challenge burpees, if you want them to
  6. For performance tracking purposes, the 25 burpees, 50 burpees, 75 burpees and 100 burpees days will be timed and video taped (Heidi will post the videos on her blog to track our progress)

 Burpee Challenge Form Standards: 
  1. Start with hands on the ground in front of your feet. Keep your back straight.
  2. Kick feet out behind you into the top of the push-up portion of the burpee. Your body should be straight and tight in a flat plank.
  3. Lower your body into the lowest part of a push-up. Your chest and thighs should ultimately touch the ground at the same time. Remember to keep your whole body, especially your midline, tight.
  4. Push up into the top of the push-up position again.
  5. Jump your feet up to your hands into your starting position.
  6. Jump into the air and clap your hands overhead so that your ear is exposed in front of your arms. Your feet should leave the ground.
Like this:

I've created this PDF to help track our progress. I'm posting this on my fridge at home. The dates in gray are the benchmarks that should be timed and video taped. Woo-hoo!!


  1. Update: I've gotten 5 people to do this with me so far today. Yay, burpees!!

  2. I'm doing it! Garrett says he'll do it up to 20 ... wimp! :-)

  3. As of today, already on day 75 of our 100 day burpee challenge...Good Luck ya'll!!

  4. Oooo! Totally new to Burpees, but I'm up for the challenge. :) Looks like I need to do 3 to be on track, right?
    Oh, and Hi, I'm Hillary. Found your Blog via Muscle & The City. ;)

  5. Hi Hillary! You can "buy in" today by doing 3 burpees (1 from yesterday, and 2 from today). Tomorrow you'll be on schedule with 3 for Day 3. Welcome to the challenge! Let the burpees begin!!!