Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How to Be a Bad Coach

I found this post on the Barbells and Bacon blog regarding how to be a good coach by pointing out how NOT to do it! Great read for athletes and coaches.

Here's an except from "10 Ways to Be a Bad CrossFit Coach", written by Jon from Potomac CrossFit in Arlington, VA:

#9. Know only one way to coach a movement. Sometimes screaming “SEND YOUR KNEES OUT” over and over isn’t good enough. Learn more than one way to say the same thing.

#5. Forget peoples’ names. The bond between an athlete and a coach needs to be strong to be effective. If you are leading a class, and you don’t know every persons’ name, what does that say about your leadership abilities

And my favorite:

#1. Treat coaching as a job instead of a profession. What’s the difference? I think the biggest difference is that professionals are committed to lifelong learning. Are you a better coach today than you were yesterday? Last week? Last year? Why not? A professional makes a firm commitment to educating himself throughout his coaching career.

The coaches I have the pleasure of working and working out with are technically skilled in the movements & programming, know how to motivate & inspire, keep clients accountable, and also possess the "X" factor - All of which are things I'm working to become the best coach I can be.

What do your favorite coaches do, or what qualities do they possess that make them the best CrossFit coaches?

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