Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Trojan Challenge

Ready to take your fitness to the next level in the new year? Sign up for the CrossFit Central Trojan Challenge today. It's an 8-week, intensive nutrition and fitness program, open to current CrossFit Central clients. The workouts incorporate the use of kettlebells in addition to endurance and body weight resistance movements and are scaled to all fitness levels. In 8 weeks, you WILL see results!

As a participant in the Trojan challenge, you'll get:

  • CrossFit Central Coach to keep you accountable
  • Goal Setting
  • Before & After Photos
  • Benchmark Workouts
  • Weekly Workouts with video and photo instruction
  • Nutrition Seminar
  • Weekly Review of Food Logs by your coach
  • Team workout with your coach
  • Kettlebell skill workshop

 And of course, a CrossFit Central Trojan Challenge T-shirt!  
Kettlebell WOD from Thanksgiving Fun Run at Central
Open to 50 Cleints

January 7 - March 5, 2011
$150 per person

Visit http://www.crossfitcentral.com/ or http://www.relentlessbootcamp.com/ to learn more and REGISTER for the Trojan Challenge.



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