Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Spartan 300 Challenge - Goal Update

Back on May 5, I set 7-week goals for the Spartan 300 Challenge at CrossFit Central. Here's how I'm doing with less than 2 weeks to go:

Nutrition: I've managed to stay on track with Paleo, adding in more protein and reducing carbs and fats in general. I'd say probably more 85% than 90%, but it's still great. I have only had a handful of cheat meals and even those were still Zone-friendly. I think I've turned the corner on Paleo - it's no longer a diet, rather it's a lifestyle. I've never felt better! I have enjoyed more than 4 servings of alcohol per week on most weeks, but have kept track of it to keep it under control. Only 2 wilds party nights so far and I paid for them the next day! Overall, I'm sure I've lost body fat judging from the way my clothes are fitting. I have lost at least 2 pant sizes (from a size 10 to a size 6 in jeans!!) and am discovering muscle tone where I typically store fat - hips and legs. I'm exciting for my final body comp in a few days. Should be good news!!
Fitness: I've been running a lot more - at least once per week for a minimum of 3 miles on the Town Lake trail. No treadmill for this girl. If it's raining, or dark out, I've been hitting the rower. I'd say this goal has been met. On to the body-weight strength goals: I've FINALLY figured out how to string kipping pullups together without nearly ripping my arms out of socket. It's all about the hip pop and pushing away from the bar (side note to my coaches: I know you told me that a million times... ) And, I'm getting some more power too - last week I did 18 chest-to-bar pullups (3-4 in a row at a time) and didn't rip my hands. I'd say that's a HUGE accomplishment. Regarding pushups, I'm able to do 7-8 perfect pushups in a row before I max out. Not great, but much better than when I started this challenge. I'm going to really focus during the next 10 days on getting in as many pushups as possible in preparation for the finale workout. Don't want to have to go to my knees or take 10 minutes to do 50! I will finish the finale WOD in 20 minutes. I WILL!!!

Regarding my weekly workouts, I've seen huge improvements in strength with PRs in the past few weeks (Back Squat: 175, Deadlift 215, Squat Clean 125, Thruster 95) and I've managed to Rx many of the WODs. I've also gotten better at doubleunders and kettlebell work.

All and all, good things poppin' up in here. Once the challenge is over, I don't anticipate backing off the 85/15 Paleo nutrition, fitness routine, or supplements. In fact, I expect to be HARDER, BETTER, FASTER, STRONGER!

Feelin' too good to stop now.


  1. Great job on that 125# squat clean! Do you have unassisted ring dips yet?

  2. @Lory, I haven't tried! Maybe - last time I did them, I was using the skinny purple band. You?

  3. ha ha, no I'm not even close! :)

  4. Lory, you can do it!
    Barbara, thanks, girl!

    Miss seeing you both at the gym. We should do another happy hour soon!