Thursday, July 8, 2010

Awkward in the Box

Sometimes it gets a little awkward at the gym. We're running around, working our asses off, nearly naked, sweating up a storm, all in an effort to get harder, better, faster, stronger. We can't help but experience some silly shit every now and then. And, if we're seeing it - imagine what our coaches experience?! I die..

After reading a comic by The Oatmeal, I felt inspired to share some of my top awkward moments at the gym with illustrations!

Ever been working out next to one of these people (or are you guilty of being one yourself?)! I mean, I know we are encouraged to make noises at CrossFit, but sometimes what we utter can be down-right silly.

What about spotting? Does it ever get awkward for you? I know its important for safety, but I can't help but giggle sometimes. ("What's going on back there?!")....

And finally...ever see any ladies looking a little "less than fresh-faced"? Yes, I'm guily of this since I typically come to the gym straight from work. I'm sure I've reached the "100% whored up" level before. Sorry!!

Check out the full comic here. The "stink bomb" and "side cruncher" are also hilarious. Enjoy!

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  1. Awkward turtle (makes hand gesture) moments in the gym are my fav! They keep things interesting and hell, if you're going to have them, the gym would probably be the best place.

    Best awk moment of the week was yesterday during floor presses. Alexa leans over to hand me the bar and a drip of sweat comes parading at me! She awkwardly pauses and then says, "OMG, sorry. I just sweated on your face." Hahahahah. I just happy it was spit.