Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer Slump

It began in June and has continued through last week. I've been unfocused, unmotivated, and uninterested in CrossFit in general. I have written "DNF" on the board more times than I care to admit and have blown off extra workouts. This is not like me. What gives?

Initially I blamed it on the heat, burn-out, frustration, boredom, big classes...anything I could find to excuse my lack of desire and performance for something that I was once so passionate about. What I've realized over the past few days is that all of that was just B.S. I was coasting off of a few great months of training and real progress. I got lazy. I got comfortable with my new level of fitness and began to take for granted what it took to get me there in the first place. I plateau-ed. I thought I wanted to have an easy "summer of fun". I forgot what real fun was.

Fortunately, my nutrition stayed fairly consistent (minus a few fruity cocktails) and I kept training every week. So, I didn't really go backwards. But, I also didn't move forward. I stood still. Which, is probably the most boring thing you can do. Progress all around me, passing me by, and I'm just standing still...And, just as expected, my life outside of gym suffered too. Amazing how you can't compartmentalize your life, isn't it?!

Well, I'm pleased to report that I'm back and feeling mentally better than ever. I'm ready to leave it all out on the mats, set some PRs, and kick some ass again. It's time. No doubt it will be challenging, but that's what I miss most: the challenge and journey to achievement.

I thank my coaches JDP, Travis, and Ben for calling me out on the lack of intensity in my workouts lately and offering to help me get back on track. I hope that what Travis referred to as “the summer slump” has now ended. Time to get back to to it!

I'm making a new workout playlist. Here's a listen:

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