Tuesday, September 7, 2010

SicFit Saturday

I had the opportunity to get some strength training in over the weekend and the newly opened SicFit Austin Gym with Coach Big Mike. I was joined by fellow CF'er Chris G. for some upper body strength work that went a little something like this:

1. Roll-out

2. Dynamic warm-up including: bear crawls pushing a 20-lb sandbell (cross between a sandbag and a kettlebell - super cool!) and burpee broadjumps (yes, I counted those towards the 100 Burpee Day Challenge total for the day), and the other typical CFC warmup moves

3. Mini-Metcon: 2 Rds, 5 Reps each: back squat (95lbs), decline push-ups from box, deadlift (135lbs), pull-ups

4. Sprint drill: Where we sprinted with resistance (Big Mike to be exact) down the length of the gym 4 times each.

5. Kettlebell circus: walks, presses, 1-armed snatch, and deadlifts up and down the length of the gym. I used 1 pood KB for all but 1-armed snatch (sub 14kg).

6. Bench press/Sledgehammer couplet: 5 rds: 5 reps bench press, 10 sledgehammer swings (5 each side). I used the following weights for bench press: 65, 75, 80, 85, 90, 85. Got about 2 good reps at 90 - totally failed on last rep.

And last but not least...

7. Dumbbell muscle snatch (15 seconds on, 15 seconds rest) for 3 minutes. 25lb dumbell doing all muscle snatches on one side for 15 seconds. I got in 11 on the first round and went down to 9 by the last round.

SicFit Austin Garage Gym
All in all, a great workout! It was really fun to play with new toys and learn new movements. Especially the things that aren't incorporated into our workouts at the box. I look forward to playing again soon!

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