Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Challenge updates

10 in 21 Challenge:
This was tough! The Master Food list was limiting and I got pretty bored with spinach, broccoli, and asparagus as my only green veggies. The meal replacement shakes were gross and the lack of healthy fats left me lacking a bit of energy. I did get back on schedule with eating smaller meals every 3 hours, and back into the habit of drinking a lot of water throughout the day. My goal was to lose 10 lbs in 21 days and with only a few cheats, I managed to lose 5lbs. I'll keep this in my arsenal to use again in the future if I need a quick fix. I'm definitely happy to be back to eating Paleo and enjoying my favorites like kale, eggs, salsa, grass-fed beef, and healthy fats. Oh how I missed coconut oil and coconut butter. Mmmmm...

100 Day Burpee Challenge:
I'm kicking myself now for underestimating how tough this one would be. Not because of the burpees themselves, but rather finding the time and energy to do them EVERY DAY. Dang! I was going strong until 40, then I really started slacking. After missing 2 days, I had to start reevaluating my commitment to this challenge. Ultimately, I decided I'd go to 50 and call it. I'll be posting the video of my 50 burpess this weekend. Although I won't be moving forward with the challenge, I will incorporate burpees into my weekly routine. I have gained a lot of strength in my triceps from pushing myself off the ground, and have been able to complete the sets unbroken - which for me is as much mental as it is physical. So, this is progress indeed. To all of you who are still participating - I'll be cheering you on all the way to 100! Best of luck. 

Fight Gone Bad:
This was hands down, the TOUGHEST CROSSFIT WOD I've ever done. Period. The 2 rounds we practice in class do nothing to prepare you. I went into it thinking that based on my 2 round max score of 187 (completed in the early spring), it would be possible for me to get to 300 following a basic strategy of hitting a set number of reps at each excerise for each round. Here's how it went:

Round 1: Started off strong! Hit my goal of 25 reps on wall ball and push press, but SDHP and box jumps gave me some trouble. Only ended up with 20 box jumps and 18 SDHP. Got my typical 12 calories on the row and ended up with 100 for the round. 

Ok, so just keep that same rep count for the next 2 rounds and I got it, right?! 

Round 2:  Started off strong again with wall balls, but only got 20 reps in time. SDHP and box jumps got hella tough - I had to rest more than I wanted and got further behind. Push press was my only hope to catch up. Unfortunately, I used so much shoulder in the SDHP and row from previous rounds, I totally failed after 18 reps. Leaving me with a final round score of 76. Booo!

I want to quit.

Round 3: At this point, I didn't know if I could continue. I was already mentally beaten from Round 2. I managed to get double digits on each movement, but I'm ashamed that I couldnt get more than 15 reps on wall ball, which usually saves me. I completely failed at SDHP, Push Press, and the row, managing to get only 10 reps/cal for each. As soon as "time" was called, I collapsed onto the turf. Dead.

I ended up with a final score of 234 and got to enjoy post-workout recovery margaritas with fellow participants:

Although I muttered that 'I never want to do that again', I'm already strategizing for next year. My desire to hit 300 outweighs the pain. Clearly I need to work on SDHP and maintaining my endurance throughout the 15 minute WOD. I will be better prepared and stronger next year. I'm happy with my score, especially since it was my first time doing FGB as Rx'd. Consider this my benchmark.

More news to come soon...Cheers!


  1. I'm getting a lot of shit for quitting the Burpee Challenge half way through. Soooo, I may pick it back up tonight. I'll have to do 105 to buy back in...OUCH. DAMN YOU, DIEHARDS! [shaking fist in the air]

  2. :) LOVE IT that burpee peer pressure got the best of you. YOU CAN DO IT!

    Also, I wonder what the reasoning is behind only eating those 3 greens? It's not like kale or zuchinni squash have anymore sugar or carbs than the others. I was going to try the challenge, but I think I'm going to do the AdvoCare lean in 13 instead. What brand of Meal Replacement shakes did you drink?

  3. Melisa - Burpee Peer Pressure works everytime! :) Muscle Milk Light, EAS Light, and Lean Body were recommended on the Master Food List as the meal replacement drinks. They are all gross - way too sweet. Advocare Meal Replacement would have been better, but I wanted to follow the list.

    The veggie thing bugged me too. I get why you remove sugar, processed carbs, and fruit, but like you said there are other veggies that are low sugar that should be included.

    I think the idea is to eat the same things over and over for consistency. Unfortunately, if you tried to do it for longer than 21 days, you'd cheat eventually b/c of boredom. At least I would!

    Let me know how you do on the Advocare challenge. Go get it, girl!

  4. You got the burpee challenge...doing 105 sounds crazy but just think of it in sets of 10. Basically doing 10 sets of 10...this really helped me tackle the 100 burpee WOD we had the other day.

    Believe it or not (b/c I still don't), I finished in a little over 6 minutes! YOU GOT IT GIRL!