Wednesday, March 31, 2010

At last...kipping pull ups!

Someone ring a freakin' bell or something. With one day left in the month, I finally met my goal of getting an unassisted kipping pullup (meaning no band!) Here's the story:

The WOD was "Angie" (100 pullups, 100 pushup, 100 situps, and 100 squats for time) and as I was stringing up my purple band, Coach JDP called me out. I responded that although I should be able to do kipping pullups sans band by now, I still hadn't officially gotten one yet. He gave me the look of shame and told me to just try it.

I turned around, jumped up to the bar and just like that - I DID IT. Just to make sure it wasn't a fluke, I did it again. My class cheered me on as the clock started on "Angie". Instead of trying to get 100 pullups however I could, (meaning I would revert back to the band at somepoint when I got tired), I decided that I'd rather attempt as many Rx pullups as possible in the time allotted. At the 7-minute cut off, I had successfully completed 35 kipping pullups without a band. They weren't perfect, or pretty, and had to be done one at a time...but they were real! Good news is, they will only get better now that I can practice them w/o the band screwing up my kip and snapping me between the legs (Yes that happens, and it hurts!).

The purple band is dead to me now...DEAD TO ME!


  1. HOORAY! I am sooo proud a(nd a lil bit sad that I missed it)! AHHHHH! From zero to freaking THIRTY FIVE?!!! You're a flippin rockstar!

  2. Thanks, ladies! It was a great feeling to finally break through that wall. Whew! On to the next challenge...

  3. Way to go girl...0-35 is freaking nuts! :)