Monday, March 8, 2010

Revisiting my 3-month goals

In early January, I set some goals that I wanted to accomplish by April 1. They were:

1. Perform kipping pullups (3 consecutive) without band assistance
2. Perform push-ups from toes (10 consecutive)
3. Complete 5 CrossFit WOD's per week (4 in class, 1 on my own)
4. Lose another 5% body fat
5. Have completed 100 sit ups per day since 1/4/10
6. Have competed in, or registered for one organized race event

Here's how its going:

1. I'm almost there w/the kipping pullups. I WILL GET THEM!
2. I can do 5 pushups from toes now...I WILL GET THEM!
3. I have completed at least 5 CF workouts every week since Jan - on target!
4. I've lost 3% body fat to date - on target!
5. Seriously forgot about this one. Ooops!
6. I'm all set to compete in the Warrior Dash on May 1 and am looking to add a 5K to my spring schedule.

Fortunately, I've managed to make progress towards reaching my goals, but I'll be honest, it hasn't been something I've really focused in on everyday  (I can only imagine where I would be if I were more mindful of my goals).
In addition to the aforementioned goals, I've decided to add in 2 more. These goals are focused on building my endurance and speed. 

7. sub-3 minute 800m
8. sub-20 minute 5k row

I have posted these goals on my fridge and in my cubile for the next 30 days and will cross them off as I accomplish them. Also, I'm meeting with a group of like-minded gals tomorrow and once a week for the next month to make sure we're staying on track. No excuses now!

Time to get serious. Let's crush it!


  1. Great goal list. I say ditch the situps, to be replaced by the run and row goals. :)

    My advice for pullups is to practice them after every WOD. That made a big difference for me. Also, something I discovered recently is to relax your shoulders when you're hanging from the bar. If your shoulders are active, like with OHS, then focus on "dropping" them. I don't know the mechanics of *why* that has helped me to string multiple kips together, but just thought I'd suggest it. :)

    Good luck!

  2. Thanks for the tip, about relaxing my shoulders, C Wiss! I noticed last night I was very tense when I was hanging from the bar. Almost keeping myself halfway up! That's a lot of wasted energy, I'm sure. ;) I'll keep your tip in mind for tonight's WOD:

    3 Rounds for time:
    100ft Lunge
    15 Deadlifts (M:225 F:135)
    21 Pull Ups

    And, I'll get that review of the NewGrips up this week. I'm using them for the WOD tonight!


  3. Great goals! I kinda like the 100 sit ups a day thing but I see how it's easy to let that one go. Also, even though you haven't met all of these goals yet, don't forget to be proud of how strong you are getting and all of your PRs!!

  4. This is true, Jas! Can't lose sight of how far we've come. :)