Friday, March 5, 2010

New PRs..because that's what I do

My new CF Total Score: 430

Back Squat: 155lbs (+10) PR
Shoulder Press: 70lbs (+5 over last time)
Deadlift: 205lbs (+20) PR - I broke 200 lbs and didn't compromise form! Woot!!

It was magical in the gym last night - all of us PR'd! To quote Coach JDP, "We're PR-in', because that's what we do." Damn straight!! I'm so proud of everyone in class for crushin' it

My score  is 35 points better than the last Total benchmark on Feb 3rd, 2010. I'd say that's some good progress in 29 days. I attribute my success to lifting heavier, working on form, clean nutrition, and the addition of AdvoCare Muscle Strength to my daily routine.

And, with the continued use of TriggerPoint therapy, I'll be able to get my shoulders back into gear. Next time we do CF Total, I'm shooting for: 165 BS, 85 SP, and 225 DL. I can do it. I'm a monster.

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