Monday, March 29, 2010

Changes: Spartan 300, Oly Lifting, and Zone

This month I will be changing my training and nutrition regimen in hopes of seeing some major results. I've decided to take on the Spartan 300 Challenge, which starts in May. This is the workout inspired by the training the actors did for the movie, "300" (um, holy HOTNESS).

In preparation for this challenge, I will begin leaning out and working on two major skills needed for the Spartan workout: Push-ups and pull-ups. That means, practice, practice, practice on these skills as often as possible.

"Leaning out" will entail incorporating Zone blocks into my Paleo nutrition plan (14 blocks/day according to Dr. Sears' calculator), taking my supplements (including 5 fish oil pills/day), getting plenty of sleep, laying off the booze for a few months, and adding in some extra endurance workouts.

The goal is three 5K runs or rows per week in addition to 5 CrossFit WODs. Sounds like a lot, but a 5K takes about 20-25 minutes and I can do this in the morning before work, or on my evenings away from the gym before or after my WOD. Although it's not as fun as CrossFit WODs, the endurance work is necessary to build stamina and lean out.

In addition to this, Jess K., Lisa O., and I will be taking on some Olympic Weightlifting instruction from Coach JDP on Saturdays, starting 4/10. The purpose of this will be to work on form and gaining strength. I'm super-excited about this one!

How am I going to find the time to do it all, and still have a life outside of the gym and work?! Afterall, a balanced life is a happy life. Well, unfortunately, something's got to give. So, for the next few months, I've decided to drop my M/W Women's CrossFit class to make room for the challenge/new class. I think the this change is what I need to finally get me over this "hump". I'll miss working out with the ladies, but I know they support me in this decision. This is going to be an intense spring for me, but I am looking forward to the challenge. I am READY.

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  1. We will miss you so much but you're whatcha gotta do! Those are some impressive goals and I know you're going to KILL each one of them! Looks like a whole gang of us are in same boat and really nailing things down this Spring!

    Cheers (after the challenge) to getting down and dirty!