Thursday, April 8, 2010

Goals for April

In exactly 30 days, I will begin the Spartan challenge and complete the benchmark workout. I will have new goals to set for the 8 weeks of the challenge, so for now, I'd like to set interim goals that I know I can accomplish (two of which will help me with the Spartan workout).

30-Day Goals:

  1. 20 pushups from toes consecutive (I have 10 on a good day now)
  2. 10 kipping pullups consecutive (I have 2 in a row right now)
  3. 25 doubleunders consecutive (I have to rotate w/singles now)
Pushups: I'm doing them everyday on my own and trying to complete them from my toes in class. This month, I have decided to not go to my knees at all. I may not finish the WOD, but at least I'm getting stronger. See this blog post from CrossFit Watertown, entitled "Get Off Your Knees". TRUTH!

Pullups: I need to practice these more on my own, outside of class. I can get in at least 3 days/week of pullup practice after class and maybe one more day at AHS track. I need to work on the push away from the bar and relaxing my shoulders in the catch at the bottom. Don't want a shoulder injury...I think I know how to do it, I just need to continue to practice.

Doubleunders: After getting my first one a few weeks back during a WOD, I haven't practiced stringing them together and making the movement more fluid. I do this donkey kick and jump way too high right now, using up too much energy. I got some tips from the Again Faster crew on how to correctly perform doubleunders. This video was really helpful. I will keep these tips in mind when performing DUs.

Double Unders from Patrick Cummings on Vimeo.

Lucky me! DUs are in tonight's WOD. Practice time!

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  1. Great goals Jess! All very do-able for your awesome arse.

    I hear ya on the pull-ups. I did discover something the other day during our weird version of Tabata with pull-ups, squats, sprints and wall sits. I realized that if I keep my knees tucked into my chest while at the "up", it helps me really get over the bar and even helps with the push away. Try it.

    I'll show you if I see you in class...not sure what times you're there with your new schedule.