Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Outside the Box

A few weeks ago, I began doing my own CrossFit workouts at the gym in my building on M and W nights. I typically go around 6:30 or 7:00, after the evening rush.

After a few workouts on my own, I've made a the following observations:

1. I see a lot of people lolly-gaging around. Seriously people, let's get a move on and get the heck outta there! It shouldn't take 2 hours to lift weights...and, don't think that I didn't see you watching Dancing with the Stars between sets...oh, yea, I caught that.

2. Most people favor the nautilus-type of machines versus the free weights. This is good for me, not so good for them. They'd be getting a lot stronger if they incorporated free range of motion exercises into their routine. But, I'm not there to train them. I'm there to train me!

3. Rowing is for weird-os. I think 3 people in my building use the C2 Rower; me, and 2 other CrossFitters who live there. Again, good for us, not so good for them. The rower provides a way better workout in less time than the eliptical trainers, treadmills, or recumbent bikes. And, let's be honest, recumbent bikes are stoop! I always make it a point to tell my friends about the C2 and let them in on what CrossFitters already know - rowing is an awesome workout.

4. Power moves like burpees, thrusters, and box jumps get the most attention. Yesterday, while I was doing  25# DB Thrusters, a trainer and his client commented on my intensity, "damn, we are impressed. You're really getting after it!" Yes, yes, I am. I offered this in return, "join me!" They chuckled, but I was serious...Another friend asked what I was doing and why I looked like I was about to barf. All I could muster out was "burpees" and got right back to focusing on my WOD. He said, "they should call em barfees" and I agreed.

5. Fellow CrossFitters know CrossFit etiquette. They don't interrupt you during your WOD, or ask to use your equipment mid-workout. They know you'll be done in a matter of minutes. So, they can wait, or jump on that rower that no one is using and bust out a 1000 meters... If someone is wearing headphones, moving really fast, and is timing themselves with a stopwatch - try not to bug em. :) Other gym-goers will not understand this, so I have to remember to be patient with them.

6. It is good to get out of the "box" and push yourself on your own. Reagrdless of all the things that might bother me about working out on my own at my personal gym, I really enjoy learning how to push myself more. Moving faster and lifting heavier is easier when you've got a great coach and a your entire class pushing and supporting you. When you workout solo, it's just you and the voices in your head. This is when mental toughness really matters. Being accountable and pushing yourself to the limit is what CrossFit is all about. Sometimes you may need to get out of the box to discover that for yourself.  

And perhaps the most important observation:

7. Time away makes my time at CFC even more special. Yes, it's true. I appreciate the time I have with my coaches and fellow clients and look forward to oly/power lifting with barbells and pullups more than ever before!

Do you do CrossFit workouts outside of the "box"? If so, what are your observations? Sharing is caring.

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  1. All of those things are so true. There was a moment that I went to 24hr on my off days (when I was going 2x/week) and every single one of those observations are dead on!

    My favorite one is when I get stares cause they see this short girl scale the highest box for box jumps. That look never gets old.

    Great post Jessie!