Monday, May 3, 2010

Workout hell week - part deux

In terms of workouts, this week looks bonkers. Thankfully, Doc gave me the green light to lift and use the rotator cuff. Just need to warm-up with my exercises and ice afterwards. Done and done.

Ok, so here's what I'm lookin at this week:

Monday: CrossFit WOD with my new co-ed class coached by Travis and Ben.

Fight Gone Bad (2 rounds; 1 minute at each station, 1 minute rest between rounds, as many reps as possible)
Wall ball (14#)
SDLHP (55#)
Box Jump (20")
Push Press (55#)
Row for calories

Last time I got 167, so I'm shooting to beat that. My strategy is to pace myself through the first few exercises and rest only during that one minute between rounds. Gonna be a lung burner, for shizzle.

Update: I scored 163. Boo! First round was great, then my allergies started to bother me. By the time I got home, I was a sneezing mess. So bad, I had to get a steriod shot on Tuesday, to shut down the histamine response my body swas producing. Uggghh. I'm blaming my poor performance on not being able to breathe through my nose. My partner Jennifer killed it with a score of 201! Way to go!!
Tues: 6:00 pm meeting with my Spartan Challenge team (and body comps!) then CrossFit WOD with the O.G. co-ed class at 6:45 pm.

Update: Body comp wasn't so bad. I've lost a few more inches and 3% body fat since the last assessment, but I still want to lose 5% more. This is one of my Spartan Challenge goals. When I got to class, I had a nice WOD waiting for me. Back Squat warmup sets of 10 squats @95, 115, 135, 145 #, then for time: 30 BS (135#), 200 m sprint, 30 burpees. My time was 7:32. I was pooped. Legs are on fire today!!

Wed: Cinco de Mayo celebration!!  Run, row, shoulder work. Then tequila.

Thurs: CrossFit WOD at 6:45 pm

Fri: Run, stretch, sleep!

Sat: 7 AM Spartan Challenge benchmark workout

Sun: 9 AM Oly Lifting Class

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