Sunday, February 14, 2010

Jessie and the Bear (Complex)

I was so excited to join Bonita and Lisa at the AHS track to take on the infamous "Bear Complex" WOD today. The sun was shining, the temperature was just right - the perfect day for pushing weight. Knowing that today was supposed to be an active rest day for me, I didn't attempt to lift the actual weight I would in the gym. Instead, I focused on the movements and developing a strategy for the next time this WOD comes up. Bear Complex: 5 "sets " attempts at max weight, not timed; rest in between sets 7 reps w/o putting the barbell down (same weight for each exercise): Power Clean Front Squat Push Press Back Squat Push Press My weight: 55-55-60-65-65 I think I could start at 65 in the gym and progress to 85, moving up in weight increments of 5lbs. Totally do-able. I substituted thrusters for the squat/push press and it really made the transition between movements seamless. I think the momentum created by one movement carries through to the other movements, making them easier (and making me more efficient). I think the bear may be my new favorite WOD. Love it! Can't wait to take it on again. Big shout out: Bonita PR'd today with 115 on her 4th attempt. Way to go, B! ;)


  1. I haven't heard from you yet!We are thinking Borboleta for the shindig. Thoughts?

  2. Oh man, I'm sad I missed this one. I went to Bikram instead and stretched out EERY THANG. I'll have to try my hand at the Bear Complex another sound like you got a good feel of the movements. Totally awesome!