Friday, February 19, 2010

A week of WODs and related adventures

Hot damn! Where did the week go?! It's Friday and that means I've survived another week of WODs and slaving away for the corporate overlords. And, I managed to have some fun while doing it! :)

Summary of WODs:
12 OHS (Rx was 95 lbs, I did 65)
5 Burpees
Time: 15:00-something...I forget, but I was last. Dead last.
Thoughts: The WOD was hard, not because of the weight, but because I'm still having trouble w/my OHS form. I was all wobbly at the beginning and had to take it slow. I mean, real slow. But, I got full squat depth and felt pretty good afterwards. My burpees improved significantly, thanks to the tips I learned from the CrossFit Austin crew (end the burpee w/your feet wide, like a full squat stance). It helps to position your hips below shoulders, so you can jump up!
Stayed after for pull-up practice with Jasmine. I used the purple band (which is nothing), and after some really nice kips, managed to snap myself right in between my front of a crowded gym....again. I do this all the time. I'm thinking that its time to move off of the bands for no other reason than to save face. And, let's be honest, that purple band ain't doing anything for me. Time for unassisted kips!
SDLHP/Sprawl (24kg Kettlebell)
Thruster (2, 12kg Kettlebells)
Time: 21:16 Rx
Thoughts: After lots of coffee and SPARK throughout the day, I may have overdosed on the sweet, sweet caffenine nectar. Proof: On my first round of SDLHP, I slammed the 24kg kettlebell right into my crotch. Holy beejeezus that hurt. Thankfully, I don't have balls, so I was able to keep going...I wonder if anyone saw me do that. Must have been freakin hilarious. I let out a "shit, that hurt", but everyone is so used to me muttering obscenities during my workouts that they probably didn't pay attention. At any rate, the high-pulls felt good, and the thrusters were ok, although I prefer to do thrusters w/the barbell.
5 Rds
7 Thruster (Rx was 95 lbs, I did 85)
500m row
Time: 20:40
20 Toe -to-bar
Thoughts: The thrusters were heavy, but they felt good! I was solid with my form and managed to bang out the first 2 sets w/o resting the bar. Last 3 sets I did 5-2, 4-3, and 4-2-1. I was pretty tired at the end of this one. The row is deceiving - not as easy as a 400m run in my opinion! I'm pretty sure I could have done the Rx weight. Next time, I will.
5 Rounds
15 OHS (Rx was 65, I did 55)
400m run
Time: 18:15
100 Ab-mat sit ups
Thoughts: Could have done the 65 lbs as Rx'd, but my shoulders were cashed, so I went with 10 lbs less. I felt strong on my squats - maintained form and full squat depth. My reps went 10-5 on each set. So, I only but the bar down once on each set. I'm beginning to like OHS (shhhh!!) And, I was happy when this one was over and I hadn't done anything to embarrass myself. :)
Another week of WODs on the books! Now I'm looking forward to my fun-filled weekend:
Bonita's Tribe at AHS @9:00 am - Surprise WOD!
B-fast at Whole Foods
Kettlebell Clinic at CFC @11:00 am
Plenty of R&R
Rock Climbing and Craptastic gym hunting

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