Friday, February 26, 2010

Squats, squats, squats, squats!

And more squats to end the week! Thrusters, front squats, squat cleans, more legs are tired (not b/c they've been running through your mind all day).  Here's a summary of the rest of the WODs from this week:

3 Rds
500m row
21 DB Thruster (30#)
400m run

Time: 22:14 Whew-wee! That was a lung-burner - especially b/c it was snowing outside. The thrusters weren't heavy, they were just awkward with the dumbbells. I prefer barbell thrusters anyday. In my opinion, the row was the hardest part. I'm conveninced that people who think rowing is easy are not doing it right - it's a full-body exercise. At any rate, I was happy with my time on this one. 

800m (3:10)
5X5 Front Squat (75, 95, 115, 120, 125, 120)

Whitney and I partnered up on this one - glad she was there to cheer me on. Whit completed the last set of 5 reps at 125 lbs, but I could only get 2! After three more failed attempts, I decided to finish out at 120, just to get some good reps in. We both managed to set new PRs on front squat, although since we rarely do them at max weight, I'm not sure what that means. The true test will be to try again in a few months and see our progress. I would like to get up to 145 - I think I can do it!

3 Rds
10 Squat Cleans + Overhead (85#, Thrusters)
500m row

Time: 16:18 Last time I attempted to do 95# Cleans (power cleans), I had to do 2 at a time b/c they were so heavy. Add in a thruster, and I was getting seriously scared of 95#. So, I conservately decided to go with 85# for the entire workout. JDP let me know that this was probably too light, and that I was wussing out, but I wanted to work on form and finishing in a reasonable time. So, I did. The cleans and thrusters felt good, and I rocked it on the row. Ended up with a decent time... But, JDP was right. I could have gone heavier.

I admit I sometimes get intimidated by the weight, even though I'm capable of lifting it. I totally psych myself out. I need to learn how to psych myself UP! Like Jack and Liz:

I'm planning to drop by RunTex or UTB for the free CrossFit Central workout tomorrow. And then I'm off to Georgia's handstand clinic on Sunday. Should be a fun and active weekend!

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