Monday, February 1, 2010

Benchmark Day: Its 'Total' Time!

Time to put up or shut up! Its CrossFit Total time. The "Total" WOD works like this: 3 exercises (back squat, shoulder press, deadlift); 3 reps; Add the heaviest weights from each exercise and you get your Total score. That means I really have to power through those 9 intense reps, b/c that's all I get until next time... Back on Dec 2nd, I completed my second CrossFit Total benchmark WOD. Here's what Total looked like on 12/2/09 and this week: (weight over previous Total in parenthesis)

12-2-09 Back squat: 135 (+5 lb), Shoulder press: 75 (+5 lb), Deadlift: 175 (+10 lb) Total = 385 2-3-10 Back squat: 145 (+10 lb), Shoulder press: 65 (-10 lb), Deadlift: 185 (+10 lb) Total = 395

The play-by-play: It started out well with the back squat. I was able to jump to 145, no problem. I bet I could've gone higher, but we only get 3 tries. Ok, so it was a WIN! Next up was shoulder press. My first try, I lifted 65 lbs and it felt heavy. Shoulder presses are tough! I moved up to 75, but couldn't finish it w/o bending my knees. So, I ended up maxing out at 65 lbs (10lbs under my PR). FAIL. Next up was deadlift (dun, dun, dun...). It went better than expected. I started with 155 and progressed to 165 and then jumped to 185. Looking back, I should have started with 165, and progressed to 195 by my third try. Still ended up 10# over my previous record, which made me happy. Deadlifts are the hardest lift for me to master in terms of form. I want to push my hips back at the beginning of the movement before straightening my legs (this is known as the 'stipper move'). The strength is there, I just have to work on form. Goals for next time I take the 'Total' challenge: Bodyweight back squat (155lb), 85lb should press, and 200lb deadlift. Action plan: I'm joining an old-school gym to start working on these movements and lifting heavy more regularly. I definitly need extra practice outside of the CrossFit WODs to hit these goals. :)

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  1. Great job Jess! And yes, I often make that mistake of starting too low too. A good place is to look at your last max and start like 10-15 less and start climbing up. But all in all, looks like you beat your Dec numbers anyway! You go!