Monday, January 4, 2010

New 3 Month Goals and Warrior Dash!

Time to set new 3 month fitness goals. Part of goal setting is making your goals public, so you are held accountable. Hear that friends? Help me stay on track! By April 1, 2010 I will: 1. Perform kipping pullups (at least 3 consecutive) without band assistance 2. Perform push-ups from toes (at least 10 consecutive) 3. Complete 5 CrossFit WOD's per week (4 in class, 1 on my own) 4. Lose another 5% body fat 5. Have completed 100 sit ups per day since 1/4/10 6. Have competed in, or registered for one organized race event

Whew! Hope I can accomplish it all!

As of this morning, I can cross Goal #6 off my list. I'm registered to compete in the Warrior Dash held on Saturday, May 1. Many of my friends and fellow CrossFitters will be joining me for the 3.51 mile run with 14 obstacles along the way, including crawling in the mud and jumping over fire. We're nuts, but it will be fun!

UPDATE ON ANGIE: My time was 19:52, and I used the band to assist with the pullups. Only did the last 25 as jumping pullups, which is a huge improvement over last time I took on Angie on Sept 28. Lucky for me, I get to do it again in tonight's co-ed class. My chest, back, and arms will be on fire tomorrow!

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