Thursday, January 14, 2010

Allergies and the Whole Enchilada

After 3 days of suffering (runny nose, congestion, puffy/itchy eyes, etc), I'll start taking my allergy meds today. I hate that I have to take medicine that drys me up, but I can't get no relief any other way! Booo.... A few more weeks of Cedar season, then I'll be breathing easy. This is the only time of year I wish I didn't live in Austin. Its just awful for everyone. Rest of the year, Austin is the best-est place in the world. (yes, that's a word) ;) Last night, my energy was totally zapped - must have been a result of the allergies b/c my diet is as prescribed. Either that, or I just wasn't mentally into the workout. It was a toughie, but shouldn't have taken me 20:14 to complete. It looked like this: CFC Womens WOD 1-13-10 For time: 5 Rds 10 BB Back Squat (95lbs) 25 Air squat 400m run Not only was I running slower than I ever have in a WOD, but I was apparently not getting full range of motion on my air squats. Thanks for giving me a few pointers on things to work on, Coach Mike! I have taken note and will make improvements. Ok, ok, on to the next challenge! When I got the tweet for today's workout, I seriously had to google some of the kettlebell movements to remember what they were. Two words for this workout: Holy Kettlebells! WOD 1-14-10: "The Whole Enchilada" For time: (16kg kettlebell - I used 12kg) 800m Run 100 Pushups 50 KB Snatch (25L, 25R) 50 KB Press (25L, 25R) 50 KB Figure 8 (25L, 25R) 100 Squats 800m Run Ay Chihuahua! POST-WORKOUT UPDATE: This one was a killer! Time was called at 25 minutes when I was just starting out on the last 800m. I finished anyway - just to do it. Final time was 28 minutes. The toughest part was the 100 pushups. TORTURE. Enjoyed the KB work, but still need to get the form down so I stop bruising my forearms. Practice, practice, practice....

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