Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Its getting hot in here...

Our HVAC's busted at work, so we have no cooling, no heat and no air flow until it can be fixed. The thermostat near my desk is reporting its a balmy 80 degrees in here right now. Booooo. Feels like I'm having hot flashes. Fortunately, I decided to wear a tank top underneath my sweater today. So, now I'm sporting an undershirt and jeans. I won't bother trying to be professional today - its hard to take someone seriously in a wifebeater. And, I gave everyone free tickets to the gun show, soooo. Tomorrow I will be wearing shortsleeves and flipflops. Its officially summer up in this place. I'm off to CrossFit Central for my coed class in a few minutes. Its so nice outside, I'm hoping it gives me a little spring in my step. I'll need it to tackle today's WOD. Yikes. WOD 1-12-10 For time: 500m Row 21 Box Jumps@ 24in 21 KB Swings M:32kg F:24kg (Damn, dude that's 53 lbs!) 500m Row 15 Box Jumps 15 KB Swings 500m Row 9 Box Jumps 9 KB Swings Should be hella-tough. I don't even know if I can swing that much weight 47 times, but I'm gonna try! POST-WORKOUT UPDATE: Yea, the weight on the swings was rough and the 24" box jumps are harder than you would think, but I managed to stick with the prescription and finish in 17:14. Didn't think that was all that special until I saw the CFC tweet that I was the best female finisher at Rx weight. Woot! :)

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