Friday, January 29, 2010

January a.k.a. "Workout Insanity Month" at CFC now over

Its offical: Today is the last day of the January programs at CrossFit Central. Looking back on this month, all I can say is, the coaches in charge of programming (Big Mike and Carey) really wanted to challenge us...or torture us. Ms. Lisa O'Dea put it best, "this entire month has been like initiation" and that's the truth! The Jan workouts were challenging, fun, and I feel like I've reached new levels with my training as a result. I attempted weights and movements I had never tried before. Most times with success! (For ex: I was able to do the Rx weight at almost all WODs and learned some new kettlebell movements that were really fun). I also attempted to never quit - the only time being when I ripped my hands pretty bad from multiple days of pullups. As a result, I felt pretty defeated and vowed to get this pullup, hand-ripping situation under control. I never want to quit a workout because of my wimpy hands ever again. So, I got some NewSkin, hand grippers, and committed to practicing pullups 5 days per week in addition to whatever pullups I do during the WODs.

By the end of the month, I was able to move to the thinnest assistance band and am getting close to getting an unassisted pullup (once I get that kipping movement down - thanks to all my peeps for their help!). Its soclose I can taste it! Last night's WOD was a killer. Hams and glutes are still on fire. Fitting end to a hell-a-cious month. Check it: 1000 m Run (warmup) 3 Rds for time: 21-15-9 reps Toes to Bar (or Knee to elbow mod) Overhead Squat (65#) Ham Extensions (via straight-leg DL) (65#) Burpees Box Jumps I finished just at the last possible second: 18:00 min Rx. Wheeew... The toes to bar were really time consuming b/c I am still struggling with the kip swing. Also, overhead squats were a challenge, but with the help of JDP, I was able to pull it out at the end. Yay! Coach Crystal joined us in our workout and smoked us all with a 10 minute something time. Insane! It was fun to have her there. :)


  1. WOW. 1000m run is ouch. We've yet to do this in our Women's class yet. I get all huffy when we have to run the 800m. HAH. But I'm been improving since we've done it so I guess it's all good practice.

    Congrats on a great month girl!