Friday, January 8, 2010

Good First Week Back - Ready to Rest!

My first week back to work and the gym after the holidays is officially over. Hallelujah! I survived, but not without some stress, soreness, and fatigue. Beginning of the year is always busy at work (new budget, new goals, lots of momentum, etc), but it seemed particularly hectic around the office this week. In addition to the stress brought on during the work day, I also had 4 days in a row of grueling workouts: Angie, GHD, KB Thrusters/KtoEs, and Snatch/pushups. So, how did I feel?! Well, thanks to good nutrition and lots of sleep (9-10 hours per night), I feel pretty damn good. I mean, don't get me wrong I'm sore! In fact, with each day came a new sore spot, as a result of the previous night's killer WOD. But, I haven't had any real pain. And, my performance was good. In some weird masochistic way, I kinda like the soreness. Means, I'm getting stonger. ;) Last night, I was able to complete 10 1/2 rds of the WOD: AMRAP in 20 min 10X Hang Power Snatch (45 lb) 12 Pushups Woot. Snatches are pretty much my favorite lift. Snatch = Funny name, serious work. Today's a rest day for me and I plan to do just that - REST. Going to hit up the grocery store on the way home to restock my Paleo-pantry, cook myself a good meal, and watch a movie (probably wearing my Snuggie - Woot!). Today's Rx is to keep it low-key. Lots going on Saturday and Sunday, including a WOD and Paleo Pizza party with Lory C, Jess K, and Linsday S (the ladies behind the LL Cool J blog). We'll post our WOD, some photos, and our reviews of the Paleo Pizza (thanks CrossFit Chronicles for the recipe and tips on cooking the crust).

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