Sunday, December 20, 2009

2-week hiatus? I think not.

Its good to relax and celebrate the holidays, but there's no reason to be lazy or use it as an excuse to eat poorly. Two whole weeks without CrossFit Central classes is going to be tough, but thanks to the decidation of some fellow Crossfitters, I think we will be able to get through it without compromising anything. Plus, we've got to be prepared for Angie on the first day back to classes - Ouch! ;) This afternoon, Lory C and I met up at the hike & bike trail for a spontanious boot camp-style workout. It consisted of:

  • 3 Rds of 20 reps each- box jumps, knees to chest, and pushups
  • 800 m run
  • 200 m walking lunges
  • 200 m sprint
  • 10 long jumps then 10 lunges (repeat) all the way down the Lamar pedestrian bridge (its long!!)

It was a good workout! As a bonus, we got to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Monday and Tuesday morning, some of the crew from the original Deep Eddy bootcamp (MWF) are going to meet up at 6:30 am to get a workout in. Anyone who's interested can meet us at Eliers Park. Bring it.

Tuesday night, I'm planning to meet up with Lory C and some of the girls from the Women's classes for a workout downtown. We'll have a field day with this one.

And then Thursday, Christmas Eve morning, Mel is hosting a Filthy 50 workout at the park by her house. I hope I'm able to make it to this one!! Looks tough! 50 consecutive reps of each:

  • Box jumps, pushups, DB/KB swings, walking lunges, dips, DB/KB push press, supermans, burpees, elbow to knees, double-unders.

Whew! I'll post a record of how it goes!

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