Saturday, December 26, 2009

Videos and no shirts?! ...made you look!!

Some of the girls I train with were watching the video below, and thinking that we need to make our own video soon. Not sure if my iPhone camera will work well, but I'm going to try to start capturing more of our workouts, at least in photos, for us to document our progress. It really helps to see yourself in action! And, you can share with friends and family, so they can see what you've been up to. Check out some inspiring ladies of crossfit: We also set goals to be able to workout in our sports bras - no tshirts, this spring! If the guys can parworkout with their shirts off, so can we. Its all about confidence, ladies! So, its 100 sit ups everyday until the first day of spring. Then, it will be time for everyone to meet "The Situation". Re: Jersey Shore . Loves!


  1. By my birthday in April we're going to do a wod shirtless and then party at your pool! Yessss!

  2. Yessss...its on!!! But, I don't think we'll need 4 months to get there. ;)