Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Rekindling the competitive fire

I've been serious about CrossFit for a few months now, and while I've seen gains in strength and speed, I have yet to finish at the top of the pack on most WODs - especially those with heavy lifting. My times/PRs are good and probably better than most, but I can't help but wonder if I'm pushing myself enough. I know I'm stronger and faster and capable of much more - I think I just need to get there mentally. Ya know, rekindle that "competitive spirit". I have always been a total perfectionist with a nagging fear of failure, so I'm used to feelings of disappointment and holding myself back. But, as I've learned in so many other aspects of my life, being "comfortable" is not always a good thing. As I build confidence in my athletic abilities, its becoming easier for me to start pushing myself more mentally. Not just to improve my performance in CrossFit, but also to improve my life in general. I want to remember what its like to be the best at something! Ok, so I know I'm a little "in my head" today, but whatever, I'm deeeeeep sometimes. I stumbled upon this artcile at that insipired me and sums up what I'm going through nicely. Its written by a fellow Crossfitter in search of his competitive spirit. Read the entire article here. My fave quote: "I lost my competitive fire not because I’ve stopped wanting to be the best, but because I stopped wanting to be disappointed when I was proved anything less. " So true. So true. Enjoy this clip from one of the best competitors around - the Karate Kid!


  1. That Kid is the same age as me...

  2. We have to start getting comfortable with being uncomfortable! You can do it!!!