Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Choices...and 21s. Fun!

Today, I am making a tough choice - one that I have had to make many times in the past 3 months since I started on my journey.

I'm choosing to go eat clean, go to the gym, and get some sleep rather than heading to a co-workers house for a holiday feast (homemade lasagna, dang!!!). Not only is it tough to pass up the good food, but its also tough to explain to coworkers why I've stopped participating in all the after-work activities, when I used to be such a fixture at those events. Some people are supportive and understand that my new lifestyle requires some sacrafice. Others think I'm selfish and don't want to bother with them anymore. That's certainly not the case, but you can't really convince the nay-sayers, now can you? Its their job to hate...

I know the key to having a harmonious life is balance. I'm going to my company's holiday party later this week, where I can spend some quality time with my co-workers to let them know they are still important to me. It won't be as fun as the episode of The Office, but I'm sure I will be entertained!

It's a compromise though - one night out during the week is really all I can do - especially when that means I'll miss a CrossFit workout. (and its the last workout for 2 weeks - that's a big sacrafice!).

Same is true for my social life outside of work. I have to make choices all the time. I miss being spontaneous and up for anything. Now I have to plan meals, workouts, and rest time to stay on track. I'm not the wild party animal I once was, but I like the new me. I'm happier being healthier. So, even though it appears that I am missing out on the fun, I know I'm not. And, fear not, I still rip it up from time to time (see: CrossFit Women's Holiday Party a few weeks ago, and my upcoming birthday extraveganza!!).

No party today, however. Here's what I've chosen to do after work:

WOD: 21s
(For time)
400m Run
21 Sumo Deadlift High Pull (65 lbs)
400m Run
21 Push Jerk (65 lbs)
400m Run
21 Thruster (65 lbs)

I'll enjoy every minute of this one! Whooo-lawd, my shoulders are gonna be sore tomorrow.

Results: Thanks to the heavy-hitters joining us in class today, I was able to push it a little harder than usual. I ended up finishing in 12:14 at Rx weight. Still need to work on core strength to improve my lifts, but I'm happy with my performance.


  1. I know exactly what you mean... I skipped out on a holiday potluck... I think there were maybe 2 dishes there that I could eat, and I just didn't feel like being surrounded by bad food today. It makes me sad that some coworkers think that I am judging them or avoiding them when I make choices like that...but I have to remember that it's ok to put myself first. It's silly to eat crappy food just to please others :)

    Enjoy the 21s. I went at noon today and I'm still not feeling quite back to normal. I really liked it though.

    And if you're in town we should meet up for some workouts over the break!

  2. Werd! I hate making excuses for doing what's best for me. People just don't get it sometimes. Play on, playa!

    And, hells yes we can meet up for workouts over the break. If I don't I might die first day back.

    21s was crazy! Big Mike, Travis, and Mike W. joined my class and they definitely helped encourage us to kick ass. I finished at 12:14 Rx. Whoo! ;)