Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday workout and Saxon Pub?

I was supposed to do the workout and Paleo dinner with the CFC Women tonight at Jess K's house - which I was really looking forward to - but, once I got the news that one of my closest friends was performing at the Saxon Pub tonight, I just had to be there to support him!! So, instead of trying out Jess' kickass pull up bar and some delicious concoction called "Paleo Ice Cream", I'll be busting out a fast and furious workout so that I can make it to the Pub in time for the show. It looks like this and I got it from the WOD Shop website (coolest site ever!): Warmup: 3 rds 10X squats, push ups and rotations 800m row WOD "Anderson" Max rounds in 20 minutes: 5x Burpees 10x Pushups 15x Situps 20x Squats 400 m row cool down

Then, I'll get cleaned up and head out to the Saxon for some Bob Schneider karaoke!

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