Monday, December 14, 2009

Its a rematch! Me vs. Christine - Part II

Oh, goodie! Today's Women's WOD is "Christine" - a benchmark workout. Last time I did this one, in October, I had the following results: 3 Rounds: 500m row (no problem!!) 12 Body Weight Dead Lifts (started with 135x1 round, 115 x2rounds) 21 Box Jumps (I modified to step ups 20") Completed Time: 15:15 This time, I'm upping the weight on the dead lift to actually be my body weight - 155 lbs. Just need to make sure I can maintain proper form. I hope to keep my time around 13-15 minutes. I'm so happy to say that I can do this lift at my body weight. Not only have I lost 10 lbs since October, but I've also continued to get stronger, making the BW DL seem possible. Yep - I'm getting amped up for this one! Its ON, Christine! RESULTS: I tried 155lbs at the beginning. I completed 4 deadlifts at this weight then had to lighten the load to a more manageable 135. That was still tough! Especially by the third round - I almost wanted to go lighter again, but stuck it out. And, I'm glad I did!! I can't get stronger unless I push myself - and sometimes I think its more mental than physical anyway. I was able to do 20" box jumps for the majority of the time, but did have to modify to step ups when I got tired - I didn't want to waste time since I was so far behind the rest of the pack. Given, they weren't going for BW deadlifts, but I still hate to be last. My final time was 18:15 - 3 minutes slower that last time - but I think it was worth it to up the weight.

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