Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New Fruit/Veggie Day

I have set another mini-goal for myself. Each week I will try at least one new fruit or veggie (or a new preparation thereof) and blog about it here. I'm not talkin bazaar, Andrew Zimmerman stuff here. I talkin about the plethora of nature's finest that I have omitted from my menu for too long. Mostly because I was a "stick-to-what-you-know" type of girl, not because I have a picky palate. In fact, I think I've established that I love food. ;) Today, my new fruit is a Comice pear from California. I'm eating it raw in two parts for my mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks (I'm pairing it with almond butter and turkey to make it Zone-friendly). And the results are in - its delicious! Sweet, juicy with a light crunch, its a prefect fruit to add into my rotation of apples, peaches and berries. This wasn't my first time eating a pear, but it reminded me of a recent episode of one of my favorite shows (and where I borrowed my blog name), Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Charlie eats a pear for the first time and has some interesting reactions: Ha! Love that show!

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