Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Weekend Fitness

I can't do CrossFit everyday. 5X per week is already a lot and there are no classes on weekends except for the free workouts once per month (HEY - the coaches have lives, too!). So, what am I to do if I want a good workout on the weekend? 1 - Run the Town Lake trail - I can always improve on my running, but BORING. Especially if I can't recruit a partner to join me. I like interaction. 2 - Try to do a CrossFit WOD at my gym - And mingle with the meatheads hogging the dumbells/barbells? No, thanks. I wouldn't want to embarrass them with my feats of strength anyway. 3 - Waste my time on a Cardio machine? I could plant my ass on an elipical machine all day and it won't make a difference - that type of workout won't help me achieve my fitness goals. If I want a weekend workout to do me any good and keep me interested, it has to incorporate cross-training with weights, plyometrics, cardio intervals, and stretching. Luckily, my girl Summer has created just the thing for me and anyone else with the same weekend workout needs. Check it out: Beginning next Saturday (11/14), Summer (Certified Personal Trainer and All-Around Badass) will be coaching a boot camp style workout at the new Austin Fitness Training Gym. Details: Saturdays beginning Nov 14 (no class Nov 28) 8:30 am - Informal start time for cardio drills 9:00 am - Official start time for full-body functional training. Bring water, a towel or mat, 5lb or heavier hand-held weights and $15 for the drop-in rate (no long-term committment required!) Location: Austin Fitness Training Gym 9413 Neils Thompson Dr. Austin, TX 78758 Learn more about Summer and her business, SummerFit here. Her workouts are fierce and fun! And, she's an awesome chick. :) I'll be there beginning Saturday, Nov 21. Come out with me!

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