Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Party in my cube!

Time for jams!! "Bulletproof" by La Roux: Loving this song right now! Its on heavy rotation right now with Passion Pit and GirlTalk. What can I say?! I like the strange electro jams! Seriously, I'm practically raving in my cube my now. All I'm missing are the accessories - the glow sticks and whistle/sucker/pacifier/, part is, no one has questioned my sanity. In fact, its going pretty much unnoticed. Maybe my neighbors are experiencing their afternoon carb-load haze, but someone needs to breathe a little life into this place. I mean, dang! If I've got to be stuck in this place I might as well have some fun. Another jam! GirlTalk from Feed The Animals: Mashup of "Whomp there it is!" and "Big Country"?! Genius. Anyhoo.... Yesterday's CrossFit WOD was haaaaaaaaaaaaaard. CrossFit WOD: "Carey" 3 Rounds for Time 30 BB Snatch (45 lb Rx) 30 Wall Ball (14 lb Rx) My time was 20:10, and I Rx'd weight. Tough, but I'm proud of myself for sticking with the heavier weight. Coach Carey, who inspired the workout, did this workout in 9minutes and change. Whhhooo-wweee! That's why she earned the title of 3rd Fittest Women in the World. Damn!!! This evening I'm off, so I plan to do something fun.


  1. That girl is so '80's, and she rocks! I like that - it got me moving this morning!

  2. Yay, mom! I was thinking I might style my hair like hers....just kidding!!