Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Week 4...Persistence is paying off!

Its the beginning of week 4 of my 5x training and Paleo nutrition challenge and I'm really starting to see some great results. I've regulated my diet a bit, so that I'm eating more veggies, which will help with calorie-counting (in fact I'm enjoying some celery right now)! Also, adding in more protein after my workouts and taking some amino acid supplements to help with muscle repair/development. I've maintained my 10lb weight loss that I reported last week, but have noticed that my clothes are fitting a little looser than they were last week. This hopefully means I'm changing my body composition more than weight, which is exactly where I want to be. I'm also noticing a lot more strength in my workouts - in fact I've been able to do to Rx weight on most WOD's for the past 2 weeks. This is a great feeling for me! Today's CrossFit WOD is named after my coach, Crystal: It will be bad-ass, just like her!! 4 Rounds for time: 25 pull ups 25 push ups 25 sit ups 25 squats I'll post my time and thoughts later this week!! Last night's workout was fun. I finished in good time using the prescribed weight. Must be a result of consistent training. ;) I'm looking forward to participating in the CrossFit Women's 15-Day Challenge that starts Monday, Nov 30, and runs through my birthday, Dec 18. We'll be holding each other accountable for food logs, attending extra workouts (Saturday workouts!!), and tracking our progress using a benchmark workout. This is like the cram session before the final exam (in this case, the exam is my 31st bday!!) Then, all I need to do is get through Christmas and the first few weeks of January until my 3 month challenge end date. It's put up or shut up time!! After that, there will be a new goal and new plan for success. This time, I'm adding in some financial goals to the mix - I need to get rid of the debt before I can truly be free!

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