Monday, November 30, 2009

Sick days suck

I may be good at many things, but being sick is not one of them. I'm not talking about head colds or allergies here, I mean stomach flu want-to-die stuff. That's what I've been dealing with for the past few days and I've been pathetic. Maybe its because I live alone and its hard to take care of yourself when you can barely move, or maybe its because I'm sooo rarely sick - especially like this - so it takes me off guard. Either way, I'm horrible at it. This is what I keep thinking will happen to me any minute now: Enjoy a little humor at my expense. The only thing positive that has come out of this is my desire to totally kill it in the gym once I'm back to feeling better. Laying around all achey and stiff makes every fiber in my body crave a good workout. And, I'm pissed that I'm missing a good workout today - the first of our 15 day challenge (its the Fight Gone Bad workout!). Dang. But, I know I need the rest to help my body fight off this bug. I'll just have to wait it out. And the worst part: Oh man, I really, really want to get my appetite back. I've been making myself eat, but can barely manage to get the bare minimum of calories that I need - just the thought makes me want to yak. Not fun at all...BOOOOO! Hope I can kick this soon! Until then, more rest and more waiting.

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  1. Sending "get well" vibes, sugar. I'm with ya -- I'm the worst sick person EVER. It makes me SO mad.

    Try to enjoy the rest time. Think of your body gathering its resources so you can KILL IT when you're back on your feet.

    Also: Murder She Wrote.