Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Goals and results

I got my body composition and set some 3-month goals with Coach Crystal yesterday. They are:

  1. Drop 8% body fat (to bring me to above average lean muscle mass)
  2. Complete 10 unassisted pull ups (chest to bar)
  3. Train 5X week CrossFit and run 3X per week, increasing distance each week
  4. Eat clean - Paleo Zone for 3 months
I will be keeping a training and nutrition log which Crystal will monitor on a weekly basis (time to be held accountable, people!). We will do a body composition again in mid-January to check my progress. I am determined to do it! Oh, and I did much better than expected on "Christine" yesterday. She wasn't quite the cold hard bitch that I thought she would be. Here are the results: 3 Rounds: 500m row 12 Body Weight Dead Lifts (started with 135, ended with 115 - these are really tough!) 21 Box Jumps Completed Time: 15:15!! Today I'll be running and rowing. 2 mile run, 3 mile row. Might also splurge on some new gear! Yay! So, who inspired me to do all of this? My CrossFit coach, Crystal! She's a great success story for clean eating and CrossFit training. Check her out: http://www.crossfitcentral.com/content/view/767/248/

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