Tuesday, October 27, 2009

No turning back now!

Yesterday's WOD was the CrossFit Total challenge. You basically have 3 chances to max out on weight for each exercise: back squat, shoulder press, and dead lift. I lifted more weight than I thought I could, which was really fun. I felt like a bad ass. Results: Back squat: 115, 120, 130 Shoulder press: 65, 75, 95 Dead lift: 145, 160, 170 I think I can definitely go heavier next time - especially on the squat and the press. I was a little intimidated by all the weight, but I realize now that I am just that strong. We'll do this WOD again to see how we've progressed. Can't wait! Today, I'm starting with the Co-Ed class. Hope the boys don't intimidate me too much! WOD: 4 rounds for time 15 Deadlifts (135#) 12 Box Jump (20" box) 9 Pullups 400m run Deadlifts are my least favorite exercise. Its so hard to retrain your brain to do them with bent legs versus straight legs. I've got to get it down soon - for the sake of my back. At any rate, I am excited about the challenge. I used to fear the "pain" of the workout, now I crave it. Call it an epiphany if you want, but I finally figured it out. I am no longer planning to change. Nope. I have changed. I am already living a healthier, happier, more fulfilled life. I am on the up and up. Only good things to come. :) I am no longer wishing/hoping/dreaming/trying, etc. I am just DOING. No excuses, no laziness, no self-sabotage, no fear of failure. Set Goal -Work Hard - Be Positive - Achieve Goal. Its all about persistence, perseverence, and patience. Its that simple. I know it sounds dramatic, but I really feel a surge of energy just writing this. Its like you have to put it out there in the universe and make it known - then things start happening. Like you've willed the change to happen. Its amazing. Yay!

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