Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

So glad Monday is over...that means we're only 3 days away from the weekend. Yay! I've been on this cycle lately where Mondays are the most depressing days, then it gets progressively better as the week goes on. Hmmm...I wonder what that says about my current situation? Yes, I know - many people hate Mondays. But, I don't want that for myself. Perhaps its time for some goal planning of the other kind - QUALITY of life stuff? Yes, I have some serious work to do. Thankfully, I'll get a little distraction today. Its a rest day, so no CrossFit workouts, just R&R. So, I'm going to see the movie, "Where the Wild Things Are" with my girls tonight. Can't wait! Looks so cute, and the soundtrack is amazing. A note on "Isabel" WOD 10/19/09 - Unfortunately, 95 lbs was NOT happening. I completed 30 reps with 45lbs in 7:32, but I think I could have gone heavier - maybe 65 lbs? I was mainly focused on mastering the form, which is so important with this exercise. You could really hurt yourself with all that weight if your form is not spot-on. Next time we do this workout, I'll be upping the weight. I'm not going to get stronger if I stay in my comfort zone! Ain't scurred!

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