Friday, October 23, 2009

Woah, am I getting SICFIT?

Friday started out with a bang. Started up my car at 6:15 am and I get a nice warning that the tire pressure is low. Crap. SO, I drove to the gas station around the corner and filled up my tires with air. I'm a little embarrassed to say that this is the first time I've ever done that. I think I'm supposed to do that every now and then or something...oops! I'm totally challenged when it comes to automobile care. At any rate, this derailed my morning plans to go to bootcamp. Luckily, I live a block away from the hike and bike trail, so I dragged my tired ass out into the 50-degree dawn for a morning run. I must say - its so peaceful out there in the morning. I might start making the morning run a regular thing - at least on the days that I don't already have bootcamp. I managed to get in 2.5 miles before I was pooped (and cold!). Good way to start the day! No big plans for the evening - I was able to get a lot of my errands done at lunch so I have some time to enjoy the rest of the day when I bust out of here later. Bootcamp tomorrow morning to kick off my big Saturday, then its on to Heather's wedding! I'm very excited for her big day!! Sunday will likely be spent slothing around and recovering from the debauchery. :) Results from yesterday's WOD: It. Was. Hard. 3 Rounds: 21-15-9 Reps Dumbbell Thrusters (20 lb) Sumo Deadlift High Pull (14 KG Kettlebell) Burpees Med Ball Cleans (20 lb)*Rx Wall Ball (10 lb) 800m run to complete the workout since we omitted the row for calories. All in all, it was a great workout. One of the toughest yet! Next week, I'll start the co-ed class on Tuesday nights with Coach JDP. We'll see how well I do with some friendly competition from the dudes. I'm hoping they will push me to go a little harder! Check out Coach JDP - he's a Bobcat too!: One month into my challenge and I'm already feeling much fitter. Can't wait to see how far I can take it.

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