Friday, October 16, 2009

Time for rest and recovery...and some football!

Yesterday I thought I could bench press 95 lbs for "Lynne". Was I delusional?! I could do ONE rep at 95 lbs. However, the challenge was to max out for 5 rounds. So, I had to settle for 65 lbs. And even that was tough after round 3! My score was chestpress/pullups: 10/15, 9/12, 7/13, 6/11, 6/15. Then 20 burpees!! Chest. hurts. real. bad. After dragging my tired ass out of bed this morning, I managed to complete the challenge at bootcamp, but just barely. Let me tell you - Friday at 6:30 am is tough. I sooooo wanted to skip out. As a reward for sticking it out, I get to rest this evening and tomorrow. Yay rest and recovery!!! More importantly - BIG GAME tomorrow. Hope the Horns repeat last year with a kick-ass victory over the Sooners! (Also hope none of the Clark crew end up in the pokey.) Hook 'em!

What time is it? Doesn't matter - OU still sucks. Buuurrrnnn!

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