Friday, October 30, 2009

Paleo Zone Jackpot

I spent a good portion of the afternoon researching some Paleo recipies to add to my routine. I need to eat more veggies, but am not clever at all when it comes to preparing them. I might jump off my balcony if I have to eat another serving of steamed broccoli again this week. I mean, I know its good for me and all, but barf! Give me some variety, please. I found a shit load (zing!) of yummy paleo recipies utilizing some new veggies that look freaking amazing. Or maybe I'm just really hungry (I take a huge gulp of water and feel better) - Nope, I was just thirsty. I, these sites are really awesome for Paleo/Zone-friendly recipies. Actually, these recipies are good for any nutrition plan - just plain yummy. Check them out: Fellow CrossFitters:

Gourmet gluten-free cooking: I'm going to cook my ass off this week - literally. Which brings me to the workout report... Yesterday's CrossFit Women's WOD was a good one. Got to practice my squat cleans (75 lbs) about a million times, and had some fun sprinting. All that work on the thighs and butt made this morning's bootcamp a little tough - especially b/c we did more sprints. Sprints, sprints, and more sprints. I felt like freakin' Flo Jo. I'm ready for the festivities this weekend. Tonight, its Beatles Rock Band (yippeee!!!) and wine in a can (I get real expressive when I play). Should be ridiculously fun. Here's one of my fav Beatles song for you - enjoy! Tommorrow, its HALLOWEEN!! Its nice to be able to loosen up for a few days since I've been good all week. I like rewards. Look out for the 6'2" Goldilocks. She means business about that porridge.

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